Supplier of cable trays for cable routing for the industry

Siltec cable routing systems have been developed to offer a high level of functionality, easy installation, and easy access to cables and tubes during cleaning and with regards to emission of heat.

The open construction prevents accumulation of flammable dust, reduces bacteria growth and limits cable heating. Our system is easy to use and install, and if you need it, you can easily extend your existing solution with new cable trays.

The cable trays are available with a length of 3000 mm. The tray width varies from 25 mm to 600 mm and the height from 25 mm to 125 mm. Cable trays of a special size can be produced according to customer requirements.

We produce our cable routing systems using first-class stainless steel that prevents corrosion and ensures an excellent level of chemical resistance.

When you choose a Siltec cable routing system, you will also be able to choose between a complete range of assembly and mounting fittings for all cable trays. Mounting during installation requires only a few tools.

Creating bends and angles is very easy. They are created on the spot without the use of special tools and using a standard cable tray. Vertical bends are created in a similar way by cutting out squares. Branch take-offs are created in the same way as Ts.